_A Cabeça is CovenStory Productions' first project. Our mission is to support, direct, and launch stories made and told by women - in video or audio. My role is to write, direct, and manage the communication of our latest projects.

_A Cabeça (The Head) is a fictional horror podcast based on a real life events. In 7 chapters, Ângela investigates Pedro, who has recently relocated to Brasília to work for the election campaign of a far right-wing party. During her investigations, she finds out that Pedro's temporary house holds a tragic secret that will make Pedro question his own political beliefs, and that will change Angela's life forever.

_The podcast was launched during 2022 Halloween week, the same week that Brazil was choosing between horror and salvation.

Listen to it on Spotfy (Portuguese):

Role: Director, Scriptwriter and Founder @ CovenStory Productions
Production: MANDRIL Audio